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(sung to a tune by Lionel Bart borrowed from ‘Oliver!)


We’ve still got some sense, haven’t we?
sit on the fence, haven’t we?
And though outsiders think that we’re always so sane and straight laced
we’re finding it hard to head out through that exit straight faced

We were reviewing the situation
Once the members of our Empire all called time
We signed treaties, new regulations
So that into bed with Europe we could climb.

But instead we came to nag at them
Our finger we would wag at them
Presuming they would bow to us
And come for us, and go for us,
Not take from us but give to us
And some day learn to live like us…
… and then the vote to leave and start again!

A club you can leave, anyway
No need to grieve, anyway?
Left without anyone in the world, now we’re starting from scratch
And “how to win friends and influence people” comes natch!

We’re reviewing the situation
We must quickly look up everyone we know
With deep pockets – and rich relations
To help us keep up appearances and so

We can sell our public services
and real estate and all there is
We’re gamblers now, a lot to lose
We’re beggars now, we can’t just choose
Red carpet for the Lords of Harm

“Good morning to you, Genghis Khan!” hehehe?
– perhaps it’s time to think it out again!

So where else shall we go, Somebody?
Who else do we know? Nobody!
When we’re old, and it’s cold and who cares if we live or we die
Our one consolation’s the honour that money can’t buy

We’re reviewing the situation
Let’s be the Good Guys – may the Good Guys win the day!
They’ll be seeing such transformation
’cos it’s wrong to be a rogue in every way

We don’t want nobody hurt for us
Or made to do the dirt for us
This rotten life is not for us
It’s getting far too hot for us
There is no in between for us
But who will change the scene for us? Don’t want noone to rob for us
But who will find a job for us?
It’s high time we all think it through again!



performed at Apothecary