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My 2016 began with major surgery.  And ended with a song to my surgeon, without whose consummate skill I wouldn’t be singing today… 


Introduction (sung to the tune of ‘O sole mio‘)
Nick Lagattolla, so dear to me
Consultant surgeon from Italy
slits throats so skilfully
gave me my voice back, and set me free!


“Sign here to say it’s OK if I take your voice away
it’s too late now to sing your song, speak out or have your say
the voice we haven’t heard is one we never may hear from
the rainy day you kept it for might just have been and gone”

Mr Lagattolla it fills my heart with horror
to think your knife could sink my life in silence and in sorrow

I’ll sign – there is no other choice, despite the many risks –
you must remove the lump you’ve found as big as both my fists
that’s pressing on my windpipe, and heading for my heart.
To leave my vocal cords intact will take a work of art!

Mr Lagattolla, whose courage can I borrow
to lay my life under your knife so I can have Tomorrow?

I face the fear, you cut me clear, now I’m high on relief
and oxygen, my lungs unbunged, I’m learning how to breathe
The Jenny’s out of the lamp, your magic scalpel sets me free
so I can be the real me the world has yet to see!

Mr Lagattolla, excuse me while I holler

You took your knife and saved my life – you’re quite an act to follow!

Mr Lagattolla, you make me wanna holler
Mr Lagattolla, you’re my hero!
Thank you


performed on Folk Night at the Woodman, Bridport