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In his eye-opening book ‘Sapiens‘, Yuval Noah Harari highlights a fateful distinction:

“Since most masculine and feminine qualities are cultural rather than biological, no society automatically crowns each male a man, or every female a woman. Nor are these titles laurels that can be rested on once they are acquired. Males must prove their masculinity constantly, throughout their lives, from cradle to grave, in an endless series of rites and performances. And a woman’s work is never done – she must continually convince herself and others that she is feminine enough.”

I was recently offered some advice to help me measure up.

Reverse Gear

“Put on a dress and fix your hair
Wear stockings too, your favourite pair
to make them smile. And then you’ll see
how nice to you those boys can be

“And children raised on film and book
won’t be confused by how you look
and ask. as only children can.
‘Is that a lady or a man?'”

Long years of struggle brought us here
to live as equals free from fear
How soon we miss the Barbie bin
and help each other climb back in!