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I just wrote to my MP about how tightening sanctions helps to undermine democracy in Russia.  And included a link to my poem in response to recent events in Salisbury.

Article Nine of the Convention of Chemical Weapons stipulates a 10 day pause to examine evidence before an alleged breach can be ratified.  Hence the Russian foreign minister’s remarks in response to allegations made by the British Prime Minister.

When the Beast from the East sets a test for the West
we all hope Theresa and Boris know best
But conventions on Chemical Weapons they break
let Mr Lavrov scoff “It’s nowt but a fake!”

If life on a landmass with Russia we shared
we’d soon learn to hold firm, not bait the Great Bear
It’s back on with Macron who calls for more time
– then sees History’s ship sail and falls into line

Though Porton Down suits say the verdict’s unclear
our leaders ignore them and feed media fear
smear Putin with Hitler, play into his hands
Now how to behave only he understands?

And while we shoulder shame of due process denied
war weary
ask us
“Who died?”