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[to the tune of Nellie the Elephant]

One dark day
Theresa was swept away
though Patel and Javid and Dominic Raabid
have nothing new to say

Ken Clarke leaved
while Dominic Grieve was sheaved
and glorious Rory our One Nation Tory
by none would be believed

Boris the Bullshitter bust his balls
to snatch the keys to the Castle
locked Truth in the fridge
where he tossed his marriage
for a hump, hump, hump

Boris the Bragger from his knees now staggers
to tout fake news of New Money
Brexit’s a steal
and, come the Big Reveal
we’ll go bump, bump, bump

The Head of the Bank of England
knows we are doomed
But Crosby and Cummings
who lead us like lemmings
for slaughter keep us groomed

“Stop all your sighing, your weeping and crying
We are all in this together
Life’s just a game
so for fortune and fame
play a trump, trump, trump”

To the polls
we’re herded, poor frightened souls
by leaders who bleed us when they’re meant to feed us
– might just as well swap roles!

While we wait
know Europe can slam the Gate
if we’re inclined to change our mind
by then may be too late

If Boris is bullshitting, bust his balls
take back the keys to the Castle
Free Truth from its jail
Demand Justice prevail
with a thump, thump, thump

Stop cheating and lying while Nature is dying
Don’t think she won’t have the last laugh
The Earth will self heal
and whatever’s not real
she’ll dump, dump, dump

Great Gaia our hearts is calling
It’s time to be brave
We’ll grin it and bear it
we’ll grow it and share it
Community will save!

You’ll see there’s a pattern: when Pluto and Saturn
conjunct in January next year
Crops will fail – if you live, tell the tale
Let’s all jump, jump, jump!

Jem Bendell – Deep Adaptation – please look him up – thank you