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Some Examples


Welcome to the archive: examples of the alchemy between my eclectic curiosity about the world, my filmic imagination and my free range vocabulary.  Just think of the possibilities.

If You (EU)

[with apologies to Rudyard Kipling]   If you can live alone when all around you are learning how to give and take and thrive If you can trust the Press and public schoolboys to tell the truth and keep us all alive If you can wait for China to include you for...

Don’s Birthday Song

(written for the 60th birthday of Dr Don Weed, and sung to a tune by Arthur Sullivan borrowed from 'The Pirates of Penzance')   He is the perfect pattern of a pioneering pedagogue He punctuates his points with Larson pranks and gets us all agog He praises FM and...

Belfast 13

The cages have gone back round the doors. As if the mad dog was inside, not out. A crow lifts off from the wire and calls to its mate, wheeling across clouds the colour of ash.   X-ray vision. Was there a crow watching there, that day Iain got the feel of a...

Unsung Hero

 I was a scrawny thing when you found me. All lumps and bumps and knobbly bits. From my craggy northern quaff, down my trim, tough torso to a belly like a bloated hog’s head. It was hard for you to get close, uncomfy to snuggle. So you kept your distance, discreet,...

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